Over the last few years, the entire world has shifted to leading a healthier life, and it happened almost overnight. Smoking has become a lot less common in all areas, health restaurants are popping up everywhere, and gym memberships have become a standard for budgets for people all over the world.

Of course, this is a great thing as a healthy body promotes a healthy mind, making your everyday life a lot easier. However, is going to the gym really the best way to keep in shape or is it better to join a sport that might require more of your time?

Before we can on to the above question, you need to assess what your goals are when it comes to fitness. For someone who would like to body build, sports wouldn’t be better than a gym, but for just about all other aspects of getting to the fitness level you desire, sports is simply better, here’s why:

Workout Longer without Knowing it

One of the biggest benefits of becoming active with a sport is that you lose track of time and barely notice you are exercising while taking part in the sport. When we go to the gym, we tend to apply a time limit to our sessions as we always have something else that requires our attention. Most of the time, we would put and how are our side for the gym, but we don’t consider the time it takes to get there, head to the changing rooms, get to the machines and actually start with our workouts.

Studies have shown that most people who think they gym for an hour a day tend to work out for less than half of that time. Sure, half an hour is still a major plus, but it would be a lot better. With team sports, the amount of time you spend doesn’t really depend on you, making you stay longer and pushing yourself to new levels. The intensity of your workout is another factor that does not depend on your personal preferences as your team members would depend on your best efforts. Therefore, with sports weekend to exercise a lot more without knowing it and the workouts can be a lot more physical than we would have had in the gym.

Motivation is Easier with Sports

If you have difficulty motivating yourself to visit the gym, joining a team sport is just about the best possible option. With a team sport, it is no longer up to you whether you’re in the mood to go to the gym or not, but rather that you have to go, or you’ll let down the team. Besides, if you join an intense sport, chances are you’ll need to practice ensuring you keep up with the other team members and win games when it comes to challenging other teams.

Team sports also make it interesting when it comes to having a social life, which usually results in new and exciting ways to exercise as each team member might be doing their own sports to keep fit outside of the team. Not only does it call for great team building days, but it makes it all fun as well.

Why Sports are Better than Gym