Each diet will have different views about the factors that make up a healthy diet; For example, vegans abstain from animal products, keto followers only eat fatty foods … However, most vegetarians agree to cut a nutrient out of their daily meals. : Sugar. Is this the right way to help us maintain healthier eating habits? What scientific basis is behind this method?

Cutting back on or not eating sugar and sweets is extremely difficult. In fact, sugar exists in almost all the natural foods around us; For example, bread, sauce, fruit … Sugar also brings certain benefits to the body. According to Dr. Eric Pham – medical doctor at St. Joseph’s Hospital, California – sugar helps reduce blood pressure, stabilize fat and insulin in blood vessels. Sugar is also a necessary source of energy to help us operate daily. If you stop eating sugar and sweets, your body begins to break down carbohydrates from foods like oats and fruits to turn them into energy.

So, what happens when we stop eating sugar and other sweeteners?
Although there are no “horrible” effects on the body, cutting back on sugars can bring certain mental challenges. “The first three days will be a very difficult time. Similar to a lack of stimulants, not eating sugar causes the brain to start thinking about sweet foods more. In return, your body will be greatly improved, ”said Brian Quebbemann, a doctor and surgeon in California.

“After a certain amount of time, insulin – a hormone that regulates glucose – will gradually become more stable; help you will no longer feel nagged because of the ‘sweet’ cravings, ”says Dr.. “This stage usually lasts 24 hours and after that, the active ingredient adrenaline will gradually increase, helping to absorb the remaining glycogen and sugar in your body.” Within the next 3 to 5 days, the liver will begin to absorb ketones from fats – the energy source used to replace sugar. Meanwhile, your body will enter Ketosis mode – the stage of fat burning.
This is also the period when your body is losing more water; leading to some unpleasant symptoms like headache, fatigue and cramping. “However, after you pass this one-week period, you will start to feel better, concentrate and be more calm,” said the doctor.

Cutting back on sugar and glycogen-rich foods is common for people who want to lose weight fast in a short period of time. However, the doctor also emphasized that at present, there are no specific studies proving that this is the right and scientific method in the long run. Instead, we recommend using clean foods rich in organic carbohydrates. “Although the body is still converting it into sugar for absorption, this is a completely normal and healthy process.” In fact, replacing artificial sugar with “complex” carbs (complex carbohydrates) also contribute to stabilizing insulin levels in the body. “There are no more headaches or ‘fluttering’ of sugar; instead you will feel completely balanced and healthy, ”said the doctor.

What happens to the body when you don’t eat sugar and sweets?