You are a sports enthusiast, choosing to work hard and diligently to achieve natural beauty without plastic surgery. This is a wise decision for a healthy life, always young. But in order for the training process to be effective, you need to supplement support foods to increase muscle, increase resistance. We will help you have the best menu options for the body during training.

1. Eggs

There was a time when doctors limited to eating only 6 eggs per week. But in fact, egg whites have a lot of protein and there is no limit to their use. Eggs are very suitable after exercise to maintain muscles.
Bodybuilders can eat 2-3 eggs with red yolk / day along with 4 white-hearted fruits by boiling or beating up to rinse. Eggs are relatively inexpensive foods, rich in protein and have most minerals and vitamins. Each egg usually contains about 5-6g of protein and 60 calories. The amount of protein in eggs is considered to be the highest biological value of any food. This also means that the proteins in eggs are used most effectively for muscle growth

2. Bananas

Bananas are very rich in the type of “fast-reacting” carb you need after losing exercise. This type of carb not only provides quick energy for you but is also easy to digest, helping your body recover glycogen levels and regenerate damaged muscles.
3. Apples

An apple every day will help you get rid of the fat. According to data from a preliminary study, a compound in the apple shell called ursolic acid can promote fat burning as well as increase muscle and bone mass. With a much lower sugar index than many other fruits, apples are an ideal choice to nibble before training.
4. Yogurt

Yogurt is an excellent source of nutrition for all people, including those who do not exercise because it is made from milk, provides low energy, is rich in calcium and has a significant amount of protein. Probiotics in yogurt promote the digestive system, making the digestive process work effectively, supporting the digestive system effectively and optimally.
5. Green vegetables

In fact, green vegetables are very good for the body, not only those who exercise, but every day we should load a suitable amount of green vegetables. Green vegetables are high in fiber, vitamins are good for the body. Green vegetables instead of rice are also one of the measures to lose weight during exercise. And this is also a kind of easy-to-cook food with many other dishes and many choices for you. Always choose for your weight loss menu.

What foods are complementary nutrition for fitness people?
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