American’s grew up avid sports fans, and most live and die with their favourite sports team. In America, gambling has its roots in the American revolutions and started from the saloon in the Old West right through the revolutions to online card rooms and online sportsbooks. As traditional as hot dogs and burgers are on the 4th of July so is betting on sports for most US citizens.

Sports is one of the most popular forms of entertainment, and everyone enjoys a few beers with their friends while watching football and rooting for their team. It simply doesn’t get more American than that, and most find it frank to have to go to Vegas to place bets since the option of doing it in the comfort of your home is not available. The internet is cluttered with information on how to place bets online, and there is a Guide to Sports Betting in the USA available to all sports enthusiasts no matter which sport is supported.

Supreme Court Empower States to Legalize Sports Betting

With the new ruling of the Supreme Court, the floodgates for profits from online gambling has been opened. Each of the states is now allowed to set their own rules in place when it comes to online sports wagering, and that is until congress maybe passes a new law, which is highly unlikely right now.

Still, it will be quite important to pay attention to the way each of the states set their laws since not all will legalise sports betting via online or mobile devices. Some of the states might only agree to sports wagering in land-based casinos while others might grab the opportunity to legalise online sports betting with both hands.

Mobile phone apps verify bettor’s location and only those within the legal borders will be able to place bets on their favourite teams while other factors include that daily fantasy sports are already legal in many of the states, yet both sports betting and daily fantasy sports are under review at federal and state level.

Online Betting at Off-Shore Bookmakers

There is no doubt that the government are not happy with the fact that offshore sports betting services are accepting bets from US citizens, and Uncle Sam is not enjoying the kickbacks. Banks and several payment processors have been instructed not to process online gambling transactions, although with pre-paid, e-wallet and cryptocurrency methods accepted by major sports betting sites it has not affected sports enthusiasts.

Online Sports Betting Outside of the US

Australia and the United Kingdom legalised sports betting more than thirty years ago, and when online wagering became available, they also were some of the first to legalise it and make it safe for their citizens. Many countries allow online gambling and sports betting, while many others have banned online gambling and citizens simply play at off-shore establishments.

The advantages of placing online sports bets are that bets can be placed 24/7 and assistance is available around the clock. Avid sports bettors also believe that online bookmakers offer better odds due to the fierce online competition and most provide members with an extensive selection of sports betting markets, which makes online a very attractive option.

USA Sports Betting