5. Popcorn

Popcorn, including the classic salted, caramel popcorn, and cheese popcorn, can now be made at home thanks to ready to make packs. These types of popcorn are often more favorite since they are not fried and seem to be a healthy alternative. However, their texture and shape are the factors that enlist them as dangerous food for kids. They not only stick to the teeth. In addition, due to their tiny, lightweight particles, they can be easily sucked in the windpipe while kids are laughing or swallowing, which may cause choking and difficulty in breathing. Any bit of popcorn traveling down to the lungs may cause lung infection or even pneumonia.

6. Uncooked eggs and meat

Half-boiled egg is an easy snack that a lot of kids enjoy. But it is worth noting that uncooked eggs and meat contain salmonella bacteria, which is not harmful in itself, but things go serious if the bacteria enter bloodstream. This can happen particularly with young children with weak immune system. So remember that the meat is always completely cooked.

7. Candies and lollipops

With loads of sugar, artificial coloring and flavors, candies and lollipops can cause cavities and many other dental problems. Although the nutritive value is nil, the taste is particularly be liked by children. You can reserve these sweetie foods as special treats but ensure that they are consumed in check.

8. Butter and Cheese

Children usually love butter and cheese. However, these foods contain saturated fats and chemical pollutants. So, they are not safe for kids.

9. Raw peanuts

Peanuts do not suit everyone since they may cause adverse allergies. The size and smooth texture of peanuts may increase the risk of directly swallowing or lodging in the throat or windpipe, which may cause fatal choking for children.

10. Seeds of fruits

Fresh fruits are very important part of a balanced diet for both adults and children. However, you should be very careful with fruits containing stones or small seeds, such as apples, peaches, plums, cherries, apricots, etc. The seeds of fruits contain amygdalin, which produces cyanide – a very harmful toxin that may cause poisoning.

Top 10 Most Unhealthy Foods for Children (part 2)