Are you sure you always purchase healthy foodstuffs for your child and the whole family? Are you sure none of them may cause potential health risks on your little one? Keep reading on to find some of the most unhealthy foods which may be dangerous for your children.

1. Chocolate Milk

Many parents feed their children chocolate milk or chocolate milk shakes as an alternative of milk. However, chocolate milk only makes your children vouch and reach out for chocolate. Milk never gets a favor here.

2. Potato chips and French fries

Many children and even adults like to snack on French fries. Be careful since it is deep fried. That is also the case of potato chips, which are still high in trans-fat and salt even though recently baked varieties have been promoted. Due to high quantity of saturated fats, these foods can increase bad cholesterol as well as increase the risk of obesity, respiratory disorders, osteoporosis, and high blood pressure. Moreover, such fast foods also contain Acrylamide, a cancer-causing toxin forms in foods which are cooked at high temperature.

3. Sausages and hot dogs

Due to potential choking hazard in children below 10 years of age, the smooth, slippery texture aided by oil or sauce raises a red flag. In February 2010, American Academy of Pediatrics mentioned hot dogs as one of the top food related fatal choking. In addition to the risk of choking, they contain preservatives and do not provide any nutrition.

4. Doughnuts and other fried sweets

Cream doughnuts, double chocolate glazed doughnuts, or jalebis, all of these foods contain high amount of artificial flavors and sugar. Such food additives are used as preservative or as artificial sweeteners to add color and enhance flavor. Mono-sodium glutamate (MSG) is banned by most food authorities. Other food additives contain chemicals which cause obesity, headache, tissue damage, and even cancer.

Top 10 Most Unhealthy Foods for Children (part 1)