The players not only eat pasta and chicken

Lunch and dinner, players tend to eat more protein and carbohydrates. Foods such as red meat, white meat, beef, salmon, and autumn are good sources of protein. Or seasonal vegetables that contain lots of nutrients are very suitable for making salads.

Breakfast should be healthy

Breakfast is very important to ensure energy for a day. Porridge is a popular choice, however it is made from a variety of grains like bran seeds. Besides, the players also come with many different types of bread.

High-protein snacks
Usually the player will have diets to carbs energy. However, they often eat high-protein snacks such as flapjacks or dessert mousses. These foods are usually made from Scratch (a special diet food).

Use different drinks suitable for each person
Carbohydrate-containing drinks will energize and provide electrolytes, which help the body absorb and retain water, to compensate for the amount of sweat that comes out. In addition, fruit juice is often drunk by players after the game is over.

Sushi helps to recover energy quickly
Before going to the second half, players will be able to eat whatever they want based on healthy foods. However, sushi is encouraged to eat quickly to recover lost energy. Sushi rolls temaki or sashimi is a very good dish at this time.

Rotate the meal

To avoid boredom of constantly changing meals, new dishes, snacks are always encouraged. All must be on the principle of ensuring absolute nutrition.

Always have cereals and eggs

Cereals, porridge, oats and granola nutritious food. They are often easily combined with yogurt or milk. Meanwhile, eggs contain many substances that reduce fatigue, stress and are often used to make cakes.

Here is the one-day diet of football players:


+ Porridge made from oats, 200ml of skimmed milk, sugar and raisins if desired.

+ 250ml of fresh fruit juice

+ Tea or coffee

45 minutes before training, usually eat 2.3 pieces of low-fat cheesecake.

In 90 minutes of practice, drinking water can be taken

After exercising, add 25gr of whey protein powder (with a muscle-boosting effect) along with 25gr of glucose to be mixed with water.


+ Cake sandwhich made from cereal flour, olive oil, lean pork or chicken, mackerel

+ 100gr of nuts

+ Vegetable salad

+ Low fat yogurt, low sugar

+ A cup of milk

Exercise 30 minutes with light intensity

Immediately after training 25gr of whey powder, 25gr of glucose is mixed with water.

45 minutes later eat 2-3 cookies with soft cheesecake with low fat. 100gr seeds, fruit juice.


+ Chicken, fish, potatoes, basmati rice or roasted sweet potatoes.

+ Vegetable salad

+ Low fat yogurt, no sugar

1 hour before bed: 100gr of cheese, low-fat yogurt, bananas, dry nuts, filtered water.

Special nutrition helps football players to be full and persistent