After a long period of restless exercise or just starting out, surely any of us once felt tired and uninterested in our exercise session. So what suggestions will help you mentally start a good training session?

That sometimes greatly affects your psychology in the next exercise sessions, even making you feel “scared” every time it is time to exercise. So, to avoid these problems, what do we need to prepare to start a refreshing and energetic workout session? Let’s learn more in the following article.

  1. Let psychological comfort
    Before starting to practice, almost everyone wants their training to be effective, so they often set the goal of the training session to be heavy and practice a lot. This motivation is really good, but sometimes it makes them feel extremely pressured, especially when you are tired or stressed during a workday.

So create a comfortable mentality and don’t put pressure on the start of the training, think simply that practicing is a time to help us relax, relieve stress after a day of study or work. tired . In addition, setting the goal of “breathing easy” but still training full size will make you feel a lot more excited, do not believe you try, you will be surprised!

2. Eat before exercising
A healthy pre-workout meal is good for your exercise session!
This is extremely important, for both people who need to gain weight and those who are losing weight. Why? Because the energy you put into your body, in addition to helping to increase exercise performance, more durable, it also helps you feel excited and energetic to start a training session. If you need to gain weight, eat a little more, if you are losing weight, you should also snack to have a good workout, which helps you lose weight and firm more effectively than fasting and start training with A sluggish body leads to less exercise. Note do not eat close to the movement time but should be earlier from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the amount of food loaded or less.

3. Start gently before doing the main exercise
Starting 5 minutes before every training helps the muscles, bones, joints work effectively

A lot of friends often practice this step skip, or those who have little practice time often “enlist” should not appreciate the warm up before training. But take between 5-10 minutes to do stretching exercises and light exercises first, or just 3 minutes will be effective enough. In addition to avoiding and minimizing injuries, the startup also helps us more flexible, avoid muscle tension, especially make us more excited to be able to start an effective training session! So don’t skip this step.

4. Walking
This is also a very effective starter for joint muscles if you do not like the warm up in place. 5 to 10 minutes of walking will help your body heat up and get used to exercise, it will also help you feel more comfortable after a stressful working day.

5. Set goals for the training session
Imagine what we are going to do today and set a goal for the session, so it’s best to record them. Doing so will help us to avoid lazy days that do not want to practice, the “windy days” naturally feel tired of no reason (This is very common, you just notice). In addition, setting goals will help us try harder, more energetic during practice and feel extremely satisfied when accomplishing that goal.

Simple tips to start an effective exercise session
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