People who practice yoga, like many other sports, prefer to practice outdoors rather than indoors. Scientific evidence shows that exercising in an open space with lots of trees will help reduce stress better than practicing indoors.

Research shows that hiking and cycling in places close to nature, where no buildings are visible, have the most positive impact on mental health. Psychologists believe that contact with nature has a calming effect as well as reducing stress. It is this factor that enables outdoor exercise to help reduce stress better indoors.

The study was conducted by experts at Roehampton University (UK), along with a number of German experts. The group was led by Dr. Sandra Klaperski. In the study, 140 volunteers assessed their stress level, mood and anxiety before and after exercise. Participants must exercise regularly. They must choose one of the subjects such as basketball, fencing, swimming, volleyball or indoor aerobics. At other times, they will run, play soccer or bike outdoors.

When playing football, volunteers will play on green grass. The landscape of the soccer field is the buildings on one side, the other side is the river and the forest covered with green leaves. Bicyclists will run in the direction of the forest and will not see any urban views.

Results showed that all forms of exercise help reduce stress, improve mood and feelings of anxiety. However, exercising in a cool, green space is much better at reducing stress than indoors.

Accordingly, in the study, the average stress reduction level when exercising indoors is 8%, while this figure when exercising outdoors is 13%. Only one type of indoor workout that can help reduce stress significantly, up to 11%, is swimming.

When exercising outdoors, two forms of exercise that help reduce stress best are cycling and jogging. In particular, jogging outdoors helps reduce all 4 factors that affect the spirit are stress, restlessness, anxiety and bad mood.

Reasons Why Outdoor Exercise Is Better Than Indoor Exercise
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