There are parts of pork that taste very good with the vast majority of Asian countries, but Westerners feel unpopular due to cultural differences.


Westerners do not normally use pig heads to prepare food. The parties with the head of a pig are an extremely obsessive thing. According to the Eastern concept, there must always be a real big pig hand in the offerings of worship.


Most Westerners do not eat pork feet or legs of animals in general. Here not only the thighs but the feet. Products such as pork feet or chicken feet are a relatively unfamiliar concept. There are not many famous pork foot recipes in Western countries while pork feet appear in many dishes, from grilled to stewed, soup cooked in Asia. Asians believe that pig legs are very nutritious, have lots of collagen and good for health.

As for Westerners, many people believe that animal legs are exposed to the ground and dirt so they are afraid to eat them. While eating pork feet in the West is not without it, you will not be able to find pork legs in popular restaurants. Many sites also call pork feet the nasty bits.


In Japan, there are grill shops specializing in animal organs, including pig hearts. Believe it or not, there is almost no Western customer who dares to step into these bars even though they are in the middle of Tokyo’s busiest tourist street.

In countries like Vietnam and China, they are so popular that they can be considered as an everyday food. They are chewy and have a fat taste if handled carefully, they will not smell and smell fishy and stir-fried with rice and vegetables.


The pig’s brain is thick, thick and soft like tofu, which is a relatively popular dish. However, in the West, you can only find bird-like brain dishes in 5-star restaurants because nobody knows how to handle and process this part. In addition, while people can use bird brain or goose brain, pig brain is still quite rare.

Pork Parts Are Popular in Asian Cuisine But Can “Scare” Westerners