Exercise gives you a supple body, relaxed spirit, and repels disease. So did you set up the process for exercise appropriately? Do you know how everyday food affects physical fitness and health?
What are the benefits of daily exercise? Muscle tightening, weight loss or studying patience?

You can’t have muscles without protein. If you want to have strong muscles, you will need to eat a lot of meat, milk, fish, peas on a pre-exercise meal (for example, practice in the morning, the evening meal needs a lot of protein. If you practice in the afternoon then lunch needs full nutrition. After exercising, it is recommended to use exercise drinks that contain carbon hydrates (sugars or starches) and proteins that will promote muscle growth and reduce muscle weakness. But if you exercise for the purpose of weight loss, the exercise will help you burn calories.

It doesn’t mean that you practice with an empty stomach. Joanna Hall, a sports research scientist, says the body needs to load enough energy for practice. Activities will affect metabolism and help with weight loss. Biking or jogging is an appropriate sport for weight loss.

If you exercise every day, you should use foods and drinks that have a lot of antioxidants. Keep in mind that the more active you are, the more antioxidants, vitamins A, C, E, Omega 3 fatty acids.


Note: Give your body a mixture of carbohydrates and proteins to maintain energy.

Before practicing: Spend at least 30 minutes eating a banana and a bowl of peanut or cashew porridge, 02 boiled eggs with 2 slices of bread spread with grain. Drink ½ liter of diluted fruit juice. In fruit juice rich in antioxidants. Fruit juice added with cool boiled water makes your drink more “nutritious” because it contains a lot of salt and sugar.

During the training: the first 8km, drink half a liter of water or more. Going to the 10km mark, drink energy drinks or juice. Because now your body releases the amount of carbohydrate that has been supplied, so you have to add a new amount.

After training: After 1 hour, eat 2 slices of marmalade bread to quickly provide the amount of carbohydrates, replenish the reserves in the muscles. For the next hour, eat a snack with added carbohydrates and protein such as potatoes – tuna or a large bowl of pasta with salmon sauce. Drink a large cup of apple juice to supplement lost energy.


Note: Adding lots of carbohydrates to moderate intensity sports like hurdles.

Before exercise: 30 minutes before exercise, a light meal of fruits, cashews or donuts. A cup of green tea will provide you with enough energy during practice.

During training: drink half a liter of water if thirsty.

After exercise: After an hour, a carbon-rich carbohydrate meal includes boiled vegetables or stir-fried vegetables, add a plate of salad and a cup of carrot juice or a cup of orange juice to provide vitamins and minerals.


Preparation: Eat light to maintain energy. If the exercise has many stretches and stretches, do not eat anything.

Before practice: 30 minutes before exercising, eat fruits or cashew nuts, fresh carrot or orange juice with a little bit of cooled boiled water. Do not drink purified water or fruit juice because high sugar will affect dehydration.

During the workout: Drink half a glass of water if you feel thirsty.

After exercise: Add plant-derived protein such as peanut stuffed chicken and grilled – this is rich in energy. Or eat tofu to strengthen muscles. Drinking green tea water will metabolize hydrates and create an abundant source of energy for the body.


Preparation: A meal containing 50% protein and 50% carbohydrate before playing golf helps you maintain your mind and body. Avoid eating too much carbohydrate or you will feel tired and sleepy.

Before training: 1 hour before training, eat some potato-wrapped tuna with spinach or crisps with salad.

During exercise: A cup of grilled banana juice and fruit mixed with 50% water, drinking during exercise will maintain energy. Dark succulent fruits such as blueberries (fruits of purchase) help to lighten the eyes and make the eyes more active.

After the exercise: After completing the exercise for 1 hour, it is recommended to have a snack, the food should be warm, especially in cold weather. Hot dishes such as vegetable pizza and chicken. Chicken, green vegetables and pizza dough provide vitamin B, carbon hydrates to help you replenish energy that has been consumed.

Playing sports, how to eat?
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