5 Reasons Why You Should Eat Kimchi Every Day

Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish. According to Encyclopedia, ancient times in Korean are often pronounced bird-chae meaning pickled vegetables. This dish is made by fermenting from vegetables (mainly cabbage) and chili, which are spicy.

Kimchi is used as a side dish in daily meals, or processed into various dishes such as kimchi hotpot, kimchi soup, kimchi fried rice, etc. In particular, kimchi is very suitable for grilled meat at Seoul Garden.

Kim chi is considered one of the typical dishes of Korean cuisine. In Korea, kimchi is used in meals and is a component of many dishes such as kimchi jjigae, kimchi bokkeumbap. Most types of kimchi have a strong and spicy aroma.

American Health Magazine once called kimchi one of the world’s five most healthy foods. It confirms that this dish is rich in vitamins, helps to digest well, and may even work to prevent cancer.

Meanwhile, other scientists believe that preserved vegetables do not contain vitamins and because they contain high levels of Nitrit if too much can lead to cancer. The properties of health-related kimchi come from many factors.

Kimchi is usually made from cabbage, onion, garlic, and these vegetables are healthy. Like yogurt, kimchi has beneficial live yeast bacteria. Finally, kimchi is rich in chillies, which are also thought to be healthy.

Kimchi is not only an appetizing dish but also a healthy Korean food containing low calories and fiber. So it helps the digestive process in the body easier and faster. With raw materials that are mixed with cabbage and pickled cucumber, kimchi is a food that contains many vitamins, so it also contributes to cure many common diseases of the body.

Kimchi is a food formed by fermentation of food, it is an excellent source of probiotics for the body. Because it contains many vitamins and minerals such as vitamins A, B, iron, calcium and selenium, this probiotic will keep the body healthy and help fight infections. Vitamins and minerals also help blood flow, strengthen your immune system and also help your muscles grow.

5 simple ways to find happiness in life

Life is not always smooth. The roundabout of rice robes with money and technologies that are always innovated will sometimes make us feel overwhelmed and find it difficult to find happiness in life. Recently, we will easily read many articles about the increasing trend of depression among young people. So, is there a way to help ourselves feel happier?

If you really feel depressed with your daily life, remember that your mental health is the most important thing. We has investigated and created a list of simple suggestions to find happiness in life. Get up your spirit immediately and find the meaning for yourself.

1. Limit using smartphones

Admittedly, mobile phones today have changed our lives completely. 20 years ago, if someone said that someday our devices would become more modern than missiles flying in the sky in the 60s; They will definitely need to see a doctor. But clearly that has become a reality, today’s technology is so booming that we can update news around the world every second, anticipating destinations; requires food, items and everything else with just a touch on the screen. Despite owning all these advanced things, the actual smartphone still doesn’t make you feel happy in your life.

2. Take care of the surrounding living space

Gardening is seen as a very good way to improve mental health,” Andy Baxter – gardener and MD at Internet Gardener. “When you go out, keep your mind clear and relieve the pressure or creativity you’re holding back. Designing your own space will help your mind relax. The thoughts will quickly merge with the flower that is racing with the mind flowing in your meditation garden. ”

3.Learn simple tips

Knowledge is power? In fact, knowledge is happiness. Ignoring the burden of tuition, the majority of students think that their time at university is their best memories.

Some people are so passionate that they continue to study masters or PhD. Besides some ideas that the cause comes from “loving you love you”, science has proved that the correlation between pursuing education and feeling happy in life.

4. Use fish oil tablets

For some people, eating fish is definitely not a pleasant way to find joy. However, fish such as salmon, mackerel and herring are all good sources of omega-3, which helps prevent depression.

According to the NHS, two portions of fish and a portion of fish oil each week are just enough to eat. However, if you don’t like these ocean foods; or you don’t have enough time and budget to process fish, fish oil pellets are the perfect alternative source of omega-3.

5. Enhance breathing activities

Wim Hof ​​- Dutch explorer and “Iceman” himself – succeeded in using steam to “control” his nervous system. This is also the method that has caused fever worldwide about the amazing results it brings; including reducing stress, good sleep, strengthening concentration, contributing to improving physical energy as well as recovery process.

You can fully implement the above methods yourself thanks to the Wim Hot Method phone app. According to Stuart Sandeman – founder of Breathpod “This is a pioneering method with proven health benefits; Help reduce stress and anxiety in life. It also allows you to optimize your physical, mental and emotional health; create conditions to reach their full potential. ”

Pork Parts Are Popular in Asian Cuisine But Can “Scare” Westerners

There are parts of pork that taste very good with the vast majority of Asian countries, but Westerners feel unpopular due to cultural differences.


Westerners do not normally use pig heads to prepare food. The parties with the head of a pig are an extremely obsessive thing. According to the Eastern concept, there must always be a real big pig hand in the offerings of worship.


Most Westerners do not eat pork feet or legs of animals in general. Here not only the thighs but the feet. Products such as pork feet or chicken feet are a relatively unfamiliar concept. There are not many famous pork foot recipes in Western countries while pork feet appear in many dishes, from grilled to stewed, soup cooked in Asia. Asians believe that pig legs are very nutritious, have lots of collagen and good for health.

As for Westerners, many people believe that animal legs are exposed to the ground and dirt so they are afraid to eat them. While eating pork feet in the West is not without it, you will not be able to find pork legs in popular restaurants. Many sites also call pork feet the nasty bits.


In Japan, there are grill shops specializing in animal organs, including pig hearts. Believe it or not, there is almost no Western customer who dares to step into these bars even though they are in the middle of Tokyo’s busiest tourist street.

In countries like Vietnam and China, they are so popular that they can be considered as an everyday food. They are chewy and have a fat taste if handled carefully, they will not smell and smell fishy and stir-fried with rice and vegetables.


The pig’s brain is thick, thick and soft like tofu, which is a relatively popular dish. However, in the West, you can only find bird-like brain dishes in 5-star restaurants because nobody knows how to handle and process this part. In addition, while people can use bird brain or goose brain, pig brain is still quite rare.

Good sports for people with cardiovascular disease

Lifestyle changes including exercise are a good way to improve cardiovascular diseases, especially for the elderly. However, in many cases, patients who choose extreme sports will make the illness worse, especially if it is dangerous during exercise. Therefore, it is important to choose which sport is suitable for your health.

Why is practicing sports beneficial for the cardiovascular system?

The five main risks that aggravated cardiovascular disease were hypertension, dyslipidemia, smoking, obesity and lack of exercise. Exercising sports not only helps to increase movement, the body becomes more vigorous but also helps prevent dangerous complications of cardiovascular disease such as stroke, myocardial infarction, coronary artery disease.

Regular exercise will help lower arterial blood pressure, reduce harmful blood fat components (LDL or total cholesterol), increase beneficial fatty components (HDL), thereby reducing progression of atherosclerosis.

Regular exercise also increases your body’s ability to exchange, transport and use oxygen and muscles, thereby increasing your body’s ability to respond to exertion. This is especially important for patients with cardiovascular disease and heart failure because these patients have inherently reduced their ability to exercise. In addition, when our hearts are exercised regularly, our hearts will beat more slowly when we have to exercise hard.

Contrary to popular belief that “cardiovascular patients need absolute rest in bed”, patients with heart problems who exercise regularly will feel happier, and their quality of life will increase. . They are also less prone to symptoms, are more independent of disease.

Reasonable movement significantly contributes to the recovery of cardiovascular function of patients.

Good sports for people with cardiovascular disease?


This is a type of exercise that is not too heavy and needs much effort, so it is very safe for people with cardiovascular disease. For people with cardiovascular problems, you can practice for about 20-25 minutes each session and practice gentle exercises about 5 sessions/week. Besides, you should also pay attention not to practice the abrupt exercises because they will make your heart more active.


Practicing with bicycles can not only improve muscle toughness but also help strengthen the heart and promote blood circulation and metabolism. For cardiovascular patients, cycling at home with exercise machines will be the safest method of exercise. With an exercise bike, you will not be affected by external factors such as weather and traffic, and can fully control your exercise time.


Walking can help people reduce the risk of hypertension and blood cholesterol. Every day, just 30 minutes to walk can reduce the risk of coronary artery disease by 18%. Or when spending 3 hours / week to walk, the risk of heart attack will be reduced by 35%.


Is a very good practice for heart patients. Each training session should begin to run slowly, then gradually but slowly and energetically. When you feel tired, slow down before stopping. The first training session should run a short distance, a few hundred meters or a weak person a few dozen meters, but then will increase gradually. It is possible to run only three to four times a week, provided that the total length of the distance is gradually raised.


Eating clean trend for health

Eating “clean” is not a diet . Many people still mistakenly believe “clean” food means diet. Eating “clean” towards simplicity but quality in eating rather than mentioning the amount of protein, how many calories or trans fat. When eating like that, you do not need to study to belong to recipes that are confident in the kitchen, not having to display on the table dozens of spices such as playing goods or even tasting also become unnecessary, but You simply select food from nature, prepare it and enjoy it to your liking. In eating “clean”, you provide adequate nutritional needs of the body, unlike dieting, you have to put on the table to weigh each little food, because too much attention to the amount of calories will have to put in stomach. There is only one thing you have to leave when eating “clean”, which is prepared food. Instead, choose fresh and clean foods. This means that you should only eat “pure” foods correctly, without any effect from human-made materials (such as pesticides, chemical fertilizers, preservatives or colorings).

Let the nutrition guide lead to the age of fast food, high-quality canned food in the kitchen, refrigerators of every family and everyone found their level of convenience, eating clean seems not easy to do. But eating “clean” is simpler than you think. Have you ever noticed the nutritional content of the food boxes you bought? Can you see that the mackerel is soaked in oil in addition to fish, in addition to the oil inundated to the lid, there is also a synthetic aroma, colorings, some kind of acid or even sodium? Or do you just look at the low fat content, you are assured that they are good and put in the car and go to pay? Take a moment to look at the nutrients in the foods you buy to get the best health products. Don’t get “free” words (like free-gluten) or “low” (in low-sodium) that lead your nose, become knowledgeable by choosing “organic” and “natural” foods ( natural) for your cart. Remember, always and always see the nutritional composition of the food you are going to buy. In addition to reading the ingredients in ready-to-eat foods, you should also pay attention to “artificial” ingredients such as smells, sweeteners, colorings and preservatives. Do not think that just a little bit of accessories is harmful, but over time the body will be filled by them, because these are mostly difficult to digest or difficult to be excreted. Eating “clean” is concerned with how nutrients affect your health, but that also refers to those substances that have an impact on the environment. This is also the reason that eating “clean” is a shift (from thinking, action to choice) rather than just a trend.

If you look at your body as a home made of muscles, bones, countless cells, immune systems and hormones, and natural food is the best source of building bricks, then implementing a clean diet will help you have a beautiful, solid and healthy home. Start a clean diet from cleaning up a pile of stored food in the refrigerator, cans of salted pears seem to be delicious on the kitchen shelf or canned juice box on the table. Start with the simplest things: sip a ripe banana instead of a fried banana slice from the oil pan, a plate of boiled chicken with basil will be much more nutritious than the fried chicken pieces filled with bottled chili paste, or fresh orange zones give you more “clean” vitamins than fresh canned orange juice from the supermarket.

Special nutrition helps football players to be full and persistent

The players not only eat pasta and chicken

Lunch and dinner, players tend to eat more protein and carbohydrates. Foods such as red meat, white meat, beef, salmon, and autumn are good sources of protein. Or seasonal vegetables that contain lots of nutrients are very suitable for making salads.

Breakfast should be healthy

Breakfast is very important to ensure energy for a day. Porridge is a popular choice, however it is made from a variety of grains like bran seeds. Besides, the players also come with many different types of bread.

High-protein snacks
Usually the player will have diets to carbs energy. However, they often eat high-protein snacks such as flapjacks or dessert mousses. These foods are usually made from Scratch (a special diet food).

Use different drinks suitable for each person
Carbohydrate-containing drinks will energize and provide electrolytes, which help the body absorb and retain water, to compensate for the amount of sweat that comes out. In addition, fruit juice is often drunk by players after the game is over.

Sushi helps to recover energy quickly
Before going to the second half, players will be able to eat whatever they want based on healthy foods. However, sushi is encouraged to eat quickly to recover lost energy. Sushi rolls temaki or sashimi is a very good dish at this time.

Rotate the meal

To avoid boredom of constantly changing meals, new dishes, snacks are always encouraged. All must be on the principle of ensuring absolute nutrition.

Always have cereals and eggs

Cereals, porridge, oats and granola nutritious food. They are often easily combined with yogurt or milk. Meanwhile, eggs contain many substances that reduce fatigue, stress and are often used to make cakes.

Here is the one-day diet of football players:


+ Porridge made from oats, 200ml of skimmed milk, sugar and raisins if desired.

+ 250ml of fresh fruit juice

+ Tea or coffee

45 minutes before training, usually eat 2.3 pieces of low-fat cheesecake.

In 90 minutes of practice, drinking water can be taken

After exercising, add 25gr of whey protein powder (with a muscle-boosting effect) along with 25gr of glucose to be mixed with water.


+ Cake sandwhich made from cereal flour, olive oil, lean pork or chicken, mackerel

+ 100gr of nuts

+ Vegetable salad

+ Low fat yogurt, low sugar

+ A cup of milk

Exercise 30 minutes with light intensity

Immediately after training 25gr of whey powder, 25gr of glucose is mixed with water.

45 minutes later eat 2-3 cookies with soft cheesecake with low fat. 100gr seeds, fruit juice.


+ Chicken, fish, potatoes, basmati rice or roasted sweet potatoes.

+ Vegetable salad

+ Low fat yogurt, no sugar

1 hour before bed: 100gr of cheese, low-fat yogurt, bananas, dry nuts, filtered water.

3 Fruits Produce Heat in Your Body

Fruits are very healthy because they contain lots of nutrients such as vitamins, proteins, minerals and more. However, there are some types of fruits that eat a lot of things that cause acne, rashes, and heat in the body. Below are 3 hot and high sugar types of fruits that children and pregnant women should not eat much.

1. Plum

Fiber-rich plums, no fat or bad cholesterol and contain lots of carotenes which will convert into vitamin A for eye health. But eating a lot of plums will cause urinary retention, dull and hot skin, which can cause acne and rashes.

There are times when you definitely feel your body is uncomfortable and easy to heat. This is when you should not eat plums. In addition, you should soak plums with salt water for 10 to 15 minutes before eating. You should eat fresh plums and limit chili salt. Remember not to eat more than 10 plums a day and 50 plums a week. You should only eat plums after a meal for about an hour, do not eat when hungry.

2. Mango

Mango is a popular summer fruit. Mango is also good for health because it contains many essential nutrients and minerals to strengthen resistance. However, summer should not eat too many mangoes at a time, will increase body heat and cause rash, pimples, and heat.

You should absolutely avoid using it when you’re hungry, whether it’s green mango or ripe mango. In addition, people should not eat ripe mangoes because the ratio of vitamin C in mango fruit will decrease gradually when the fruit ripens. Eating too many mangoes will not be good for health, especially for those who have to adopt a diet such as overweight, obese, diabetic, and chrome.

3. Lychee

Lychee contains a high sugar content, which is not good for diabetics or pregnant women, sick people or weak health. The inherent heat of lychee will cause the body to become hot, rash, itchy and uncomfortable.

What foods are complementary nutrition for fitness people?

You are a sports enthusiast, choosing to work hard and diligently to achieve natural beauty without plastic surgery. This is a wise decision for a healthy life, always young. But in order for the training process to be effective, you need to supplement support foods to increase muscle, increase resistance. We will help you have the best menu options for the body during training.

1. Eggs

There was a time when doctors limited to eating only 6 eggs per week. But in fact, egg whites have a lot of protein and there is no limit to their use. Eggs are very suitable after exercise to maintain muscles.
Bodybuilders can eat 2-3 eggs with red yolk / day along with 4 white-hearted fruits by boiling or beating up to rinse. Eggs are relatively inexpensive foods, rich in protein and have most minerals and vitamins. Each egg usually contains about 5-6g of protein and 60 calories. The amount of protein in eggs is considered to be the highest biological value of any food. This also means that the proteins in eggs are used most effectively for muscle growth

2. Bananas

Bananas are very rich in the type of “fast-reacting” carb you need after losing exercise. This type of carb not only provides quick energy for you but is also easy to digest, helping your body recover glycogen levels and regenerate damaged muscles.
3. Apples

An apple every day will help you get rid of the fat. According to data from a preliminary study, a compound in the apple shell called ursolic acid can promote fat burning as well as increase muscle and bone mass. With a much lower sugar index than many other fruits, apples are an ideal choice to nibble before training.
4. Yogurt

Yogurt is an excellent source of nutrition for all people, including those who do not exercise because it is made from milk, provides low energy, is rich in calcium and has a significant amount of protein. Probiotics in yogurt promote the digestive system, making the digestive process work effectively, supporting the digestive system effectively and optimally.
5. Green vegetables

In fact, green vegetables are very good for the body, not only those who exercise, but every day we should load a suitable amount of green vegetables. Green vegetables are high in fiber, vitamins are good for the body. Green vegetables instead of rice are also one of the measures to lose weight during exercise. And this is also a kind of easy-to-cook food with many other dishes and many choices for you. Always choose for your weight loss menu.

Healthy Eating Habits for Young People

In the present day, busy life makes young people not pay attention to the daily diet. Meanwhile, eating habits also contribute significantly to your health. Here is the advice of experts on healthy eating habits to help you balance your daily diet.

Never skip breakfast

Imagine you ate dinner at 7 o’clock and skip breakfast the next day, you haven’t eaten anything for 17 hours already. Leaving breakfast can make you feel more hungry at noon. At that time, you will eat more and your body stores excess food in the form of fat. Breakfast is important because it is related to low levels of glucose and cholesterol to prevent constipation. Therefore, you should eat a nutritious breakfast!

Do not do other things when eating

One of the important rules is to never eat when doing other things like watching TV, answering emails or reading books. In addition to not having a good meal, doing other things while eating also adversely affects the digestion of food. Moreover, a recent study has shown that people who are distracted during the eating process often have less feeling of fullness. Therefore, these people often eat twice as much as those who focus on eating.

In particular, you should spend about 15 minutes to sit at the table. Focus on your meal, enjoy the taste of food and eat slowly to make your stomach work more effectively.

Add more snack

Why should we add more snack instead of focusing on three main meals? Many experts believe that a regular diet helps the body accelerate metabolism, boost energy and reduce cravings. The ideal diet is three main meals combined with two snacks that help to lose weight and maintain body weight.

Do not be afraid of fat

One of the most serious mistakes in young people today is cutting fat in their diets. However, fats retain many important functions in the body such as absorption of soluble fat, healthy skin and hair, enhanced brain activity, disease prevention, and infection control. Add some olive oil to salads, just help you eat more vegetables and help supplement good fats. Or you can add some cheese or butter to dishes to enhance your taste.

6 Fruits Help You Get Your Energy

Fruits are a great choice for your health as they provide a large number of nutrients. They provide a large variety of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help boost immunity and help you stay healthy. However, there are many high-calorie fruits and the following is a list of 7 fruits that help you increase energy quickly.

1. Avocado

Avocado has many health and nutrition benefits but it is also rich in energy. Avocado is high in fat. Specifically, a glass of fresh avocado smoothies can give the body about 370 calories. So enjoy this fruit properly if you are adjusting your calorie intake.

2. Coconut

Coconut is a fruit that contains a lot of energy and fat. Coconut water helps the body detoxify and provide you with an excellent energy source. Coconut water contains less sugar while high in sodium helps to replenish and enhance the energy of the body.

3. Dried fig

You can relax by enjoying some dried figs while watching a favorite TV show. However, you wouldn’t expect that just 10 dry figs can increase the body’s 485 calories.

4. Banana

When you need energy and toughness, eating bananas is your best choice. In addition, bananas also provide high levels of potassium for the body. A banana can provide approximately 100 to 115 calories and increases your ability to absorb daily calories if you eat too much.

5. Mango

Mango is considered the king of fruits because it is the sweetest fruit. Mango has an impressive taste and provides you with lots of nutrients and also provides calories for your body. Drinking a mango smoothie every day will bring about 103 calories and many other vitamins, minerals, and bacteria.

6. Apple

Apples are one of the best fruits that can help you lose weight and have more energy. Apples are not only high in fiber but also contain many vitamins and minerals. Eating an apple a day can help you avoid many illnesses, but you should also note that just one apple can give your body up to 115 calories.