Practicing gym properly is not as simple as going to the gym to do the exercises, but also having to know the knowledge around the practice to get the best effect. Become a professional gymnast by following these tips.


Getting started is an important step and is essential even if you are involved in any sports activity. Starting before training will help relax muscles and reduce pain, limit injuries when participating in the gym. There are many types of warm-up and warm-up, and muscle relaxation helps prevent injury. Choose the most basic start-up measures such as jumping rope or running in place for 10-15 minutes before doing the main exercises.

Breathing is a very successful factor in special bodybuilding exercises that perform heavy mass movements. The important thing is that you need to master your breath and how to adjust it during your practice. When breathing, you have to purge your lips. Mouth exhalation releases more carbon dioxide, helping muscles recover quickly. This process gives you energy to help you pull and hold heavy objects towards your body. Then when you want to lift, to push the weight of the weight out of your body exhale slowly, this exhalation process releases energy.

Many beginners think that the more practice, the heavier the effect, the faster. And they try to do all kinds of things without any order. Nothing too good is good. Practicing gym properly requires you to know how to incorporate appropriate exercises in a reasonable amount of time. Muscle strain, muscle pain or joint pain are injuries that are easy to occur when you exercise excessively. You must spend a day off during the week to recover your body after heavy exercises. You also need to alternate light exercises, or at least practice stretching exercises at the end of the session. Listen to your body first and ask your instructor to find the best exercises to avoid unintended injuries.

Regular exercise changes are not necessary, but you still need to practice many different gyms properly so that all body muscles are active. Thus, you will not have to worry about injuries all over the place when all your joints and muscles are exercising regularly. It also gives you the excitement of practicing.


Before practice: 500ml of water or a little less before exercising 1-2h (about 2 cups of average water).

During exercise: 15-20 minutes must add 350ml of water. Should take a mouthful of mouth, take a little bit of water to penetrate the capillaries and nerves in the mouth to make thirst feel faster. Use plain or cool white water, do not use too cold water. Do not use fresh water or energy drinks.

After training: The principle is after training, if the weight is reduced by 0.5kg, we need to compensate for 500ml of water

How To Practice Gym Properly?
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