The most painful thing for a woman who is losing weight is not eating anything she likes. Do not worry, with the guide below, the women are completely free to eat without having to think about their weight.


Low Carb Diet is a weight loss diet that works by reducing the amount of carbohydrates you eat. Instead, you can eat the protein that is found in meat and eggs. , eating … Low Carb diet will help you do not need too much exercise but still help you lose weight effectively and still
The purpose of Low Carb is primarily to remove carbohydrates (Carb) present in the body. This is the cause of fat in the abdomen, thighs, stimulate their appetite. This is also the cause of diabetes. So limiting the carbohydrate loaded into the body will help her reduce the amount of fat and limit the potential risk of other diseases.

In order to attain a proper Low Carb diet, you should keep in mind the foods that will be used during meals. A healthy Low Carb diet should include the following elements in your diet:
The amount of vegetables, fiber that the body loaded

Load a moderate amount of protein (absolutely do not touch the liver).
Do not rely on ready-to-eat foods, high-sugar foods and whole grains.
Some foods are allowed to eat less, use only one type / day
Can be loaded 200gr of cheese in a day.
Tomatoes (300gr / day), carrots, onions (400gr / day), coconut milk (sweet type, 2-300ml / day), macadamia nuts (1-200gr / day).
Some fruits: lemon, strawberry, raspberry, avocado (all 300gr), beans (200gr).

In the diet, it should be more green vegetables. When preparing food do not put any spices. You will feel uncomfortable in the first 3 days, feeling uncomfortable, lightheaded, tired, dizzy. After three days, the body gradually get used to the diet, the body will return to normal. Do not forget to drink plenty of water! This is beneficial for the body, helping the body purify, serve the weight loss and accelerate the supply of sufficient moisture. You can also refer to the Low Carb Diet, Diet GM Diet, Asian Diet nhé! Good luck to you.

How To Eat Low-Carb in Right Way
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