How High Blood Pressure is Linked to Sleep

Blood pressure is the amount of blood circulating in the nerves of the heart and the amount of pressure used. To measure the blood pressure you have to know the minimum and maximum flow between two heart beats. Millimeters are the units used to measure blood, where the mercury is measured above the surrounding atmosphere which is usually zero. The blood pressure can either be low (hypotension) or high (hypertension) depending on the disease state. Having high blood pressure is very dangerous because it can lead to other diseases like stroke, heart disease and kidney failure. The blood pressure depends on ones emotional state, the activities they are engaging in and their general health.

A normal human being should sleep for 7 to 8 hours every night so as to prevent their body from blood pressure problems. People who sleep for less than 6 hours are said to be at a high risk of having blood pressure problems. When one is asleep the nervous system is able torest, and this helps it to remain healthy also the blood pressure is able to regulate and reduce stress hormones.
When the arteries increase to unsafe levels, the heart is forced to work harder more than it should. They force together which can cause the flood vessels and the pressure to rupture. People who have breathing changes due to being obstructed during sleep are known to have a high blood pressure. The lack of enough sleep affects their heart rate and the oxygen levels which sees them at risk of getting high blood pressure because their blood pressure becomes hard to stabilize.

People who take power naps every now and then reduce their risk to high blood pressure. This happens because they give their body time to rest now and then. Improving your diet or making minor changes can also help in being at risk of blood pressure. Engaging in physical activities regularly can also work wonders in making blood flow easily throughout the body. Ensure you eat enough vegetables and fruits to keep the body healthy and away from developing blood pressure problems.

Obese people are at risk of developing blood pressure because they mostly experience sleep apnea, so mostdonā€™t get thequality sleep they require and endup getting poor sleeping habits. Due to this the body can increase in weight, which at the end makes them prone to hypertension. If you experience sleep problems you can try to switch off the TV, computers and all the lights just to keep your mind less active. There are also people who read books to make the eyes and mind tired.

Sleep is one of the most important things to check in your life if you want to live a healthy life. Sleep can also help in reducing weight which is one of the things that cause high blood pressure. It also helps in sobering your mood thus ensuring that the body is not stressed, where stress is one of the major factors that cause you blood pressure to rise.

How High Blood Pressure is Linked to Sleep
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