In the present day, busy life makes young people not pay attention to the daily diet. Meanwhile, eating habits also contribute significantly to your health. Here is the adviceĀ of experts on healthy eating habits to help you balance your daily diet.

Never skip breakfast

Imagine you ate dinner at 7 o’clock and skip breakfast the next day, you haven’t eaten anything for 17 hours already. Leaving breakfast can make you feel more hungry at noon. At that time, you will eat more and your body stores excess food in the form of fat. Breakfast is important because it is related to low levels of glucose and cholesterol to prevent constipation. Therefore, you should eat a nutritious breakfast!

Do not do other things when eating

One of the important rules is to never eat when doing other things like watching TV, answering emails or reading books. In addition to not having a good meal, doing other things while eating also adversely affects the digestion of food. Moreover, a recent study has shown that people who are distracted during the eating process often have less feeling of fullness. Therefore, these people often eat twice as much as those who focus on eating.

In particular, you should spend about 15 minutes to sit at the table. Focus on your meal, enjoy the taste of food and eat slowly to make your stomach work more effectively.

Add more snack

Why should we add more snack instead of focusing on three main meals? Many experts believe that a regular diet helps the body accelerate metabolism, boost energy and reduce cravings. The ideal diet is three main meals combined with two snacks that help to lose weight and maintain body weight.

Do not be afraid of fat

One of the most serious mistakes in young people today is cutting fat in their diets. However, fats retain many important functions in the body such as absorption of soluble fat, healthy skin and hair, enhanced brain activity, disease prevention, and infection control. Add some olive oil to salads, just help you eat more vegetables and help supplement good fats. Or you can add some cheese or butter to dishes to enhance your taste.

Healthy Eating Habits for Young People
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