Happy is one of those songs everyone loves, it is currently the song most used in motivational sessions as well as marketing. Before the producer transformed into singer struck gold he had ten attempts to perform a song that became one of the most universally loved music pieces of the century. Many experts have weighed in why the single brings so much joy to the world, and Pharrell Williams has said this song is just so much bigger than him.

Happy is an indescribable combination of components that makes singles appeal to a global audience and what most agree on, Happy is a song that just that… it makes everyone happy! On the other side, Pharrell Williams revealed that even though the single sounds so effortless its fruition was everything but easy, after nine versions of not perfect, he finally found what it needed in the tenth recording. His strive for perfection paid off, and the Oscar-nominated song remained long on the top 10 list of 30 different countries, while in the UK alone well over 1,230,000 copies were sold. The question is what exactly makes Happy so successful, why is it working so well, and therefore we asked the experts part of the universal pop phenomenon what they felt contributed most to the success of the single.

Happy has a Contemporary Edge & Timeless Classic Feel

Head of Commercial Composition, Andrew Fisher says there it is a variety of things that makes Happy appeal to an international audience, the most important is the very strong chorus and its very clear form. Its structure is in a well-known form, it is extremely well judged, and the simpler verses anticipates the sophisticated chores, which perfectly contrasts in terms of instrumentation, arrangement and harmony. The mix and the arrangement of the instrumentation are extremely important it is a blend of R&B, and it has a classic sole due to the riffs, guitar and electric piano while it is produced with slick and modern values that give it both the contemporary edge and timeless classic feel.

Happy is a Wedding Reception Hit

Profession wedding and party DJ, Paddy Bickerton thinks it’s due to the inviting sounds, it offers a cool-sounding 60s feel as well as a good grove, and therefore its success is down to the most fundamental state of pop music. The song is fast, it starts great, and it has a huge impact on people who quickly moves towards the dance as it can be recognised in just four stabs. It is a song partygoer’s want repeatedly, especially at weddings it is a hot favourite.

Happy Dominated the Passion Score for Well Over 18 Months

BBC Radio’s George Ergatoudis says firstly the timing of the song was impeccable it came out during that time of the year when most people feel low. The hit is important as it is for all a key to success and happiness. The song was tested for several weeks along with 25 others week after week and when it came to the passion score determined by the percentage of the audience who loved the track most, Happy was completely unbeatable for over 18 months.

Happy – Essence of happiness