Lifestyle changes including exercise are a good way to improve cardiovascular diseases, especially for the elderly. However, in many cases, patients who choose extreme sports will make the illness worse, especially if it is dangerous during exercise. Therefore, it is important to choose which sport is suitable for your health.

Why is practicing sports beneficial for the cardiovascular system?

The five main risks that aggravated cardiovascular disease were hypertension, dyslipidemia, smoking, obesity and lack of exercise. Exercising sports not only helps to increase movement, the body becomes more vigorous but also helps prevent dangerous complications of cardiovascular disease such as stroke, myocardial infarction, coronary artery disease.

Regular exercise will help lower arterial blood pressure, reduce harmful blood fat components (LDL or total cholesterol), increase beneficial fatty components (HDL), thereby reducing progression of atherosclerosis.

Regular exercise also increases your body’s ability to exchange, transport and use oxygen and muscles, thereby increasing your body’s ability to respond to exertion. This is especially important for patients with cardiovascular disease and heart failure because these patients have inherently reduced their ability to exercise. In addition, when our hearts are exercised regularly, our hearts will beat more slowly when we have to exercise hard.

Contrary to popular belief that “cardiovascular patients need absolute rest in bed”, patients with heart problems who exercise regularly will feel happier, and their quality of life will increase. . They are also less prone to symptoms, are more independent of disease.

Reasonable movement significantly contributes to the recovery of cardiovascular function of patients.

Good sports for people with cardiovascular disease?


This is a type of exercise that is not too heavy and needs much effort, so it is very safe for people with cardiovascular disease. For people with cardiovascular problems, you can practice for about 20-25 minutes each session and practice gentle exercises about 5 sessions/week. Besides, you should also pay attention not to practice the abrupt exercises because they will make your heart more active.


Practicing with bicycles can not only improve muscle toughness but also help strengthen the heart and promote blood circulation and metabolism. For cardiovascular patients, cycling at home with exercise machines will be the safest method of exercise. With an exercise bike, you will not be affected by external factors such as weather and traffic, and can fully control your exercise time.


Walking can help people reduce the risk of hypertension and blood cholesterol. Every day, just 30 minutes to walk can reduce the risk of coronary artery disease by 18%. Or when spending 3 hours / week to walk, the risk of heart attack will be reduced by 35%.


Is a very good practice for heart patients. Each training session should begin to run slowly, then gradually but slowly and energetically. When you feel tired, slow down before stopping. The first training session should run a short distance, a few hundred meters or a weak person a few dozen meters, but then will increase gradually. It is possible to run only three to four times a week, provided that the total length of the distance is gradually raised.


Good sports for people with cardiovascular disease