It can’t be denied that fast food has some certain appeals: it’s convenient, affordable, and it even tastes good in many cases. However, make no mistake, the small convenience of this food option is not worth the price you have to pay in terms of your health.

Here are four of the main reasons why you should avoid eating fast food as soon as possible.

1. It makes you gain weight

Eating fast food with high calories, fat, sodium, and sugar might be rewarding in the short-term. However, this can lead to unwanted weight gain down the road. Even choices disguised as healthy options such as salads also consists of add-ins like high-fat dressings, cheese, bacon, and more, which can cause your waist line.

2. Fast food is addictive

It is possible to become addicted to fast food, like with nicotine or drugs. The fatty, sugary, and salty ingredients can drive you to consume more and more due to causing full-fledged physical cravings. Therefore, don’t let those milkshakes and fries draw you back in. Cut off the potential for an addiction right now.

fast food

3. It doesn’t give you any nutrition

If you are using a lot of fast food for your daily diet, you may be leading yourself to a harmful vitamin deficiency. Most types of fast food, from fried chicken to white bread, don’t carry the essential fiber, healthy fats, and minerals that are needed to fuel your body. You just can get all of the empty calories that leave you weaker in the long run.

4. Depression and anxiety

Food can affect both your physical health and your mental health. When you eat too many carbs, such as the ones found in pizza, buns, and fries, the lack of essential ingredients for the functioning of brain might cause anxiety and depression.

Although here is the reality that fast food is quick, cheap, and somehow delicious, the rewards pale when compared to the potential consequences. Therefore, it is the wisest breakup of your life.

Four reasons why you should avoid eating fast food right now