We have all enjoyed those big meals with families and friends, which is usually followed by a tired and fatigue feeling. Some say it’s just your body trying to process everything you’ve eaten, but there’s actually more to it.

There are certain foods that make you feel tired as it changes certain things within your body. If you are always tired and don’t really understand why you might just be eating foods that make you tired on a regular basis. Below, we look at some of the foods that are known to cause an imbalance in your body, if you eat them regularly, consider a change in your diet to feel a change in your energy!


Those who live healthy might be eating many salads, which usually includes lettuce, which sounds like an unlikely source to make you feel tired and fatigue, right? Well, it’s been proven to include traces of a sedative substance that’s called lactucin. This has been known to include a calming effect while also relieving pain. While a fair amount of lettuce is healthy, keep an eye on how much of it you eat as it could be the result of feeling a bit tired too often.

Red Meat

Red meat has many different advantages, including a boost of energy, thanks to the iron it supplies. However, having too much red meat also presents a disadvantage in various ways, including the fatty parts that are harder to digest, making your body work harder to break down the foods, meaning it uses more energy, especially off to a large meal.

The same heavy and fatigue feeling is experienced when eating foods with heavy cream and whole dairy products. If your diet consists of many red meats, consider cuts with less fat, which is sure to keep your energy levels up, even after eating a large meal.


Pasta contains large quantities of carbohydrates that give you an impressive boost in energy after eating it as it causes your blood sugar to increase, which is followed by a major decrease in insulin levels, which is the main reason you feel tired and weak afterwards.

This isn’t just limited to pasta, but other foods with high carbohydrate levels as well, including white bread, processed foods, baked goods and just about everything else that contains a large amount of sugar and flour.


Bananas are great for many things, including a healthy heart and nerve functions, but since it’s high in magnesium, it’s known to help for sleep, which could have a negative effect on your energy levels during the day.

Having just one banana wouldn’t have a major effect on your energy levels, but it’s also important to keep an eye on, especially those of you who eat fruit salads on a regular basis. If you are feeling tired, consider reducing the amount of banana or replacing it with another fruit for a while.

Fatigue and Tired? – Avoid these Foods