Eating “clean” is not a diet . Many people still mistakenly believe “clean” food means diet. Eating “clean” towards simplicity but quality in eating rather than mentioning the amount of protein, how many calories or trans fat. When eating like that, you do not need to study to belong to recipes that are confident in the kitchen, not having to display on the table dozens of spices such as playing goods or even tasting also become unnecessary, but You simply select food from nature, prepare it and enjoy it to your liking. In eating “clean”, you provide adequate nutritional needs of the body, unlike dieting, you have to put on the table to weigh each little food, because too much attention to the amount of calories will have to put in stomach. There is only one thing you have to leave when eating “clean”, which is prepared food. Instead, choose fresh and clean foods. This means that you should only eat “pure” foods correctly, without any effect from human-made materials (such as pesticides, chemical fertilizers, preservatives or colorings).

Let the nutrition guide lead to the age of fast food, high-quality canned food in the kitchen, refrigerators of every family and everyone found their level of convenience, eating clean seems not easy to do. But eating “clean” is simpler than you think. Have you ever noticed the nutritional content of the food boxes you bought? Can you see that the mackerel is soaked in oil in addition to fish, in addition to the oil inundated to the lid, there is also a synthetic aroma, colorings, some kind of acid or even sodium? Or do you just look at the low fat content, you are assured that they are good and put in the car and go to pay? Take a moment to look at the nutrients in the foods you buy to get the best health products. Don’t get “free” words (like free-gluten) or “low” (in low-sodium) that lead your nose, become knowledgeable by choosing “organic” and “natural” foods ( natural) for your cart. Remember, always and always see the nutritional composition of the food you are going to buy. In addition to reading the ingredients in ready-to-eat foods, you should also pay attention to “artificial” ingredients such as smells, sweeteners, colorings and preservatives. Do not think that just a little bit of accessories is harmful, but over time the body will be filled by them, because these are mostly difficult to digest or difficult to be excreted. Eating “clean” is concerned with how nutrients affect your health, but that also refers to those substances that have an impact on the environment. This is also the reason that eating “clean” is a shift (from thinking, action to choice) rather than just a trend.

If you look at your body as a home made of muscles, bones, countless cells, immune systems and hormones, and natural food is the best source of building bricks, then implementing a clean diet will help you have a beautiful, solid and healthy home. Start a clean diet from cleaning up a pile of stored food in the refrigerator, cans of salted pears seem to be delicious on the kitchen shelf or canned juice box on the table. Start with the simplest things: sip a ripe banana instead of a fried banana slice from the oil pan, a plate of boiled chicken with basil will be much more nutritious than the fried chicken pieces filled with bottled chili paste, or fresh orange zones give you more “clean” vitamins than fresh canned orange juice from the supermarket.

Eating clean trend for health
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