Many people believe that fasting will help them lose weight effectively and have a slim body. This is a concept that needs to be rethought to avoid bodily harm.

For some religions, during the important holidays, believers will often fast or abstain. In ancient times and until now, people still use hunger as a form of nonviolent struggle. In addition, most people still consider fasting as an effective weight loss method.

Just spend a little time surfing the internet, you will encounter countless articles of articles praising the incredible benefits of fasting for weight loss: what is the “poison” discharge from the body, within thirty The day will reduce 15kg. All of the above articles come to the final conclusion: Fasting, because fasting gives you a good physique.

Fasting will lose weight. This is true, not wrong, but just in a short period of time. However, losing weight is the only good that fasting brings you, besides the unpredictable risks. Once you’ve gone through these risks, you wish that you wouldn’t sacrifice your health for your looks.

First of all, let’s talk a little more about the “effective weight loss” plans by fasting. They can vary in the type of food you are allowed to eat, the distance between meals but are built on a basic foundation: drink water or juice or laxative dispensing, almost eat very little. When your calorie intake loses the amount of calories your body needs, you will lose weight. In some cases, the doctor can apply this method to his patient, and put the patient under very strict supervision. In other words, fasting is not a bad act, but it must be used in appropriate context. For example, fasting for religious purposes.

Fasting for one or two days is not harmful to adults. But fasting for a longer period of time, from three days to a month, will cause very serious problems. One of those problems is muscle loss. Moreover, when you fast, the body will enter a state of “storage”, burning energy more slowly.

Keep in mind that the first weight you lose will be dehydration, not fat. Once you eat back, you will also regain your lost weight. But the worse thing is, you also “free” a few kilos because of the slow metabolism makes you easy to gain weight. And the worst? Those kilos are all fat, but to get back muscles, you have to go to the gym.
Side effects brought by fasting: dizziness, headache, muscle aches, fatigue. Long-term fasting also causes further impairment of the immune system, abnormal heart rhythms, severe vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Losing weight over a long period of time or repeatedly losing weight will make the consequences more complicated.

Does Fasting Really Help You Lose Weight Effectively?
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