1. Protein
You need protein to build muscle and whey. Therefore, protein is the fastest way to get your muscles during and after workout. It’s great for recovery while providing some important amino acids to aid you in the training process. You can take whey protein before or after workouts to get the optimal benefits. Whey protein gives your muscles what muscles need to grow. When you use whey protein after exercise, it stimulates muscle growth more than any other form of protein.
2. Slow Carb
Slow carbohydrate supplement foods may include vitamins like potassium, magnesium and calcium. This carb slowly decomposes and creates energy for your gym, so it’s best to practice before exercise. Other choices are simple sugars like dextrose and maltodextrin, but that can be a bit expensive. Some natural choices may be to combine whey protein with rice milk or mixed with a banana. Other healthy choices are oatmeal, dates, figs, raisins, or even sweet potatoes.

3. Creatine
Studies show that creatine is an excellent supplement because it increases your lean muscle mass and strength. Creatine should be taken every day even during your rest days, before or after your bodybuilding, recommended dose is 5g / day. Creatine provides you with energy for intense workouts. They are good for you because they help your training ability to get through the normal level.
4. Fish oil
A great benefit of fish oil supplements is that they are a very effective anti-inflammatory agent for muscle recovery. They have been shown to be effective supplements like ibuprofen without any harmful side effects. The recommended dosage for gym players is 2-4g per day. Most people do not have enough Omega-3s and Omega-6s in their diet and fish oil is a great source of that.
5. Beta Alanine
Beta Alanine helps prevent muscle acidity, which is the burning sensation you get when you’re training for a heavy kick. Without them your muscles become tired and your workouts are interrupted. When using them, you will get improve power faster. If it’s your workout day, you should use them before practicing for 30 minutes. If it’s not a gym day, you can use it whenever it’s convenient. You get enhanced strength by increasing body mass and removing body fat.

5 Supplements for Gym Beginners
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