Life is not always smooth. The roundabout of rice robes with money and technologies that are always innovated will sometimes make us feel overwhelmed and find it difficult to find happiness in life. Recently, we will easily read many articles about the increasing trend of depression among young people. So, is there a way to help ourselves feel happier?

If you really feel depressed with your daily life, remember that your mental health is the most important thing. We has investigated and created a list of simple suggestions to find happiness in life. Get up your spirit immediately and find the meaning for yourself.

1. Limit using smartphones

Admittedly, mobile phones today have changed our lives completely. 20 years ago, if someone said that someday our devices would become more modern than missiles flying in the sky in the 60s; They will definitely need to see a doctor. But clearly that has become a reality, today’s technology is so booming that we can update news around the world every second, anticipating destinations; requires food, items and everything else with just a touch on the screen. Despite owning all these advanced things, the actual smartphone still doesn’t make you feel happy in your life.

2. Take care of the surrounding living space

Gardening is seen as a very good way to improve mental health,” Andy Baxter – gardener and MD at Internet Gardener. “When you go out, keep your mind clear and relieve the pressure or creativity you’re holding back. Designing your own space will help your mind relax. The thoughts will quickly merge with the flower that is racing with the mind flowing in your meditation garden. ”

3.Learn simple tips

Knowledge is power? In fact, knowledge is happiness. Ignoring the burden of tuition, the majority of students think that their time at university is their best memories.

Some people are so passionate that they continue to study masters or PhD. Besides some ideas that the cause comes from “loving you love you”, science has proved that the correlation between pursuing education and feeling happy in life.

4. Use fish oil tablets

For some people, eating fish is definitely not a pleasant way to find joy. However, fish such as salmon, mackerel and herring are all good sources of omega-3, which helps prevent depression.

According to the NHS, two portions of fish and a portion of fish oil each week are just enough to eat. However, if you don’t like these ocean foods; or you don’t have enough time and budget to process fish, fish oil pellets are the perfect alternative source of omega-3.

5. Enhance breathing activities

Wim Hof ​​- Dutch explorer and “Iceman” himself – succeeded in using steam to “control” his nervous system. This is also the method that has caused fever worldwide about the amazing results it brings; including reducing stress, good sleep, strengthening concentration, contributing to improving physical energy as well as recovery process.

You can fully implement the above methods yourself thanks to the Wim Hot Method phone app. According to Stuart Sandeman – founder of Breathpod “This is a pioneering method with proven health benefits; Help reduce stress and anxiety in life. It also allows you to optimize your physical, mental and emotional health; create conditions to reach their full potential. ”

5 simple ways to find happiness in life
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