In the process of life, our stomachs must work regularly, so that the proportion of people suffering from stomach diseases is increasing. Below, we will provide 4 signs that usually occur after a meal that warns you of stomach problems including stomach cancer.

1. Heartburn (acid reflux phenomenon)

After a meal, frequent heartburn can be a symptom of cancer and also increases your risk of developing the disease. Be wary of increased stomach acid with an uncomfortable feeling in your throat. Heartburn often presents with a feeling of throat irritation, chest pain and a characteristic sign when the stomach is unwell, so you should go to a doctor to better understand your own health condition.

2. Abdominal distension and muscle tension after eating

Flatulence, bloating often after meals even though you have not felt full or have just eaten a moderate amount of food, be wary of the risk of stomach problems. This is also one of the signs of stomach ulcers or early stage stomach cancer. When you get sick, you often feel pain, bloating and nausea after eating.

3. Regular abdominal pain

After a meal, abdominal pain usually occurs in the epigastric region, which is the area in the middle just below the ribs. Especially for the elderly who often have abdominal pain after meals, it is best to check up the health as soon as possible.

4. Going outside (diarrhea)

One of the hallmarks of stomach and colon cancer must be noted is that diarrhea and color change. Because when cancer cells develop, they can cause gastrointestinal damage, which causes indigestion and persistent diarrhea.

Stomach cancer is a dreaded disease and difficult to treat and screen. To prevent and stay in good health, experts recommend that you practice the following habits:

  • Avoid eating and drinking hot items.
  • Do not drink alcohol.
  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Do not skip breakfast.
  • Chew well when eating.
4 Signs After Eating Warning Stomach Cancer
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