Top Six Principles of Eating Clean

Eating clean refers to stresses healthy, whole, unprocessed foods. Although the phrase is a little new, the principles of doing this are not, based on current nutrition science. Here are the top six core principles of eating clean.

1. Choose whole, natural foods and eliminate or minimize processed foods.

Processed foods include foods in a box, can, bag, or package. Although there are always a few exceptions to the rule, a bag of fresh green beans, for example, most of your foods should be as fresh as possible.

2. Choose unrefined rather than refined foods.

It is best to up your intake of whole grains such as brown rice, amaranth, millet, and quinoa. Legumes and beans are also important. You should also use clean sugars such as maple syrup, honey, and dehydrated sugar cane juice.

3. Use some carbohydrate, protein, and fat each meal.

Typically, we do well with fat and carbohydrates but we are often short of protein, particularly at breakfast and lunch. Protein is very important for muscle building and can help curb your appetite. When eaten enough, it keeps us feeling full longer.

4. Be aware of fat, salt, and sugar.

You should cut down the amount of fat, salt, and sugar. It is easy if you have eliminated processed foods, which usually consist of much calories and feature high levels of fat, sugar, and salt. Commonly, clean foods are naturally low in all of these ingredients.

5. Eat five to six small meals throughout the day.

It is better to have three main meals and two or three hefty snacks per day to prevent you from skipping meals and overeating. Eating this way also keeps your blood sugar levels stable so energy doesn’t lag.

6. Get moving.

It is recommended for every one to take regular physical activity for many reasons. It decreases fat, strengthens muscle, and helps you burn more energy at rest. It also keeps your heart, lungs, and bones strong.

The History of World Series

Taking place once each year, the World Series is a prestigious baseball event. It is a championship series of Major League Baseball (MLB) in the U.S. and Canada. The tournament is played during the fall season, so it is often referred to as the Fall Classic.

It is recognized that the first official World Series was played in 1903 when the event has held between the champion teams of the American League (AL) and the National League (NL). The team that comes top from a seven playoff game becomes the World Series champion, taking home the Commissioner’s Trophy. Baseball World Series games were played even before 1903. However, the MLB do not officially recognized baseball competitions of the 19th century since it considers 19th century to be the preceding developmental period to modern baseball.

The first baseball World Series was held in 1884 under the name “The Championship of the United States”. In 1891, that the American Association collapsed resulted in a suspension of the series.

The following year saw the adoption of the split season practice. The National League played a split season with the first-half winner playing the second-half winner for the league championship. But this new methodology of play didn’t sit well with baseball fans and came to a stop in 1893.

In 1894, a championship trophy between the first placed team and the second positioned team in the National League with the winning side pocketing 65% of ticket sales and the remaining 35% belonging to the losing side was proposed by Pittsburgh’s owner William C. Temple. The disrupted “The Championship of the United States” was replaced by this new system of play, which later became the seed for the famous baseball’s post-season games.

In 1901, the American League came back. Fierce competition and rivalry ensued with the National League following the AL establishments. After two years of competition for fans loyalty, both leagues reached a compromise termed the “National Agreement”, which produced the business foundation for the modern baseball game.

And the World Series was back in play once again with the first official “World Series” in 1903 with a game held on Huntington Avenue Grounds between Boston Americans (the Red Sox) of the American League and Pittsburgh Pirates of the National League.

Since then, the World Series became an annual tournament between the pennant winner of the AL and NL. It has been played 115 times up to now. American League won 66 and the National League 49.

Top Reasons Make Cristiano Ronaldo Become The Greatest Footballer Of All Time (part 1)

From a skinny young boy to the sturdy athlete he is now, Cristiano Ronaldo’s path to be the summit of football success has been laden with so many challenges. Here are the top reasons why CR7 is considered as the greatest footballer of all time.

1. He has netted an amazing number of goals for his club and country

CR7 made headlines in October 2019 after having reached 700 career goals, a feat which helped him become the 6th highest goalscorer in the history of football. Majority of the goals has been scored for his club: CR7 has scored 607 goals for the various clubs he has played in. Playing for Real Madrid, he scored 450 goals. Under the guidance of Coach Alex Ferguson at Manchester United, he scored 119 goals.

Ronaldo is also the second highest goal scorer for the national team and the highest goalscorer for the Portuguese national side, with a total of 95 goals. In the UEFA Champions League, Europe’s top club tournament, he has scored 127 goals, making him the tournament’s top scorer of all time. CR7 also has created other records, which has not been broken by any other player up to now. In the 2018/19 Champions League final, he became the first player to score in three consecutive UEFA Champions League finals. In his current club, Juventus, Ronaldo has continued to remain his top goalscoring form.

2. He has won trophies for both national team and clubs he has played with

Like a badge of honor, all sportsmen desire a trophy. A footballer who may be very  skillful or excellent but has no trophy, there is a huge limitation to his recognition and success. Having claimed 28 trophies in his football career, a testament to his unique abilities and ironclad zeal for success, CR7 comprehends this fact. From his national team to the different clubs that he has played for, the Portuguese forward has left his mark, by winning at least a trophy.

At Sporting Lisbon, he won the Portuguese Super Cup. After he moved to Manchester United, he won the English Premier League, three times, FA Cup, once. He also won the UEFA Champions League with Manchester United, once as well as the FIFA Club World cup. He had his most successful seasons, in terms of trophy wins, at Real Madrid, where he won the Laliga on two occasions, the UEFA Champions League, four times, UEFA Supercup, two times and the FIFA Club World Cup, four times. In his debut season at Juventus, he won the Serie A as well as the Italian Super Cup. With his national side, he won the 2016 Euros.

Five tips to keep your skin healthy

Though we cannot change the natural aging process, we can influence another type of aging that occurs as a result of our lifestyle choices. By taking some preventive actions, we can slow the effects of aging on our skin.

Here are six tips to keep your skin healthy and glowing:

  1. Apply moisturizer with SPF 30. It can’t be denied that protecting our skin from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays is very important. You should wear a facial moisturizer with a minimum SPF of 30 every day. This can be applied to your face and neck in order to protect against incidental sun exposure. SPF can also help prevent the breakdown of collagen. Being proactive can really help minimize additional damage.
  2. Use retinoids. Both prescription and non-prescription retinoids can minimize the appearance of wrinkles, slow breakdown of collagen, bolster our skin’s thickness and elasticity, as well as lighten brown spots caused by sun exposure. Retinoids work on our skin by prompting surface skin cells to turn over and rapidly die, making way for new cell growth underneath.
  3. Put on sunscreen. Studies have found that regular sunscreen use helps protect against aging: the spotting, wrinkling, and loss of elasticity caused by exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. Stay out of the sun during between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m since the sun’s rays are most intense this peak time.
  4. Stay hydrated. Drinking enough water is necessary for overall skin health. Staying hydrated keeps your skin moisturized, glowing, and healthy. That is not to mention all of the other benefits of drinking enough water. While eight glasses of water per day is the general guideline, water intake is not a one-size-fits-all, so try to listen to what your body needs.
  5. Eat healthy. A healthy diet can help you feel and look your best. Optimize your nutrition by eating antioxidant-rich vegetables and fruit, healthy fats from nuts and fish, and a balanced diet. Your diet should provide you optimal levels of the nutrients that are crucial for radiant skin, including vitamins C and E, beta carotene, zinc and selenium.

Texas to allow fans to attend pro sports events at 25% capacity

Texas will soon let outdoor pro sports events have spectators, but the numbers will be limited strictly, under a new order Thursday from Republican Governor Greg Abbott.

Abbott revised a decision to allow pro sports leagues to host events without fans starting in June as part of the state’s strategy to reopen amid the novel coronavirus pandemic.

His new order lets outdoor stadiums host fans up to 25% of their normal capacity. Leagues will have to apply to state health officials in order to be allowed to have fans. Meanwhile, indoor events will still be without spectators.

The change came the same day when Texas reported a one-day high in new cases with 1,855 reported. The state now has 59,776 confirmed cases through about 990,000 viral and novel coronavirus antibody tests. It has 1,601 deaths after a one-day increase of 39 cases.

The actual number of cases may be even far higher since many people haven’t been tested, and studies suggest that people can be infected and not feel sick.

IndyCar is planned to open its season at Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth on June 6; however, track president Eddie Gossage said even under the new rule, the Genesys 300 race will not include fans.

The PGA Tour has also previously said it schedules to restart its season at Colonial in Texas on June 11-14 without fans attending.

Major League Baseball has set to start its season in early July at regular-season ballparks – without spectators, if necessary.

However, Abbott’s order might not impact the Texas Rangers and the Houston Astros since health department spokeswoman Lara Anton said that stadiums with retractable roofs are not considered to be outdoors.

Dallas Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy said that he hasn’t given much thought to the idea of playing sports in empty stadiums.

State health officials didn’t  respond immediately to questions on if any league or event organizer have asked to be allowed to have fans.

The state has set up some guidelines, including a recommendation that spectators and employees must keep at least 6 feet apart from anyone not from their household. Athletes won’t be required to wear facial masks, but the guidelines encourage them to be worn on the sidelines.

Three tips to keep your food fresh for longer

Sometimes you are overstocked and you realize that you should get smarter about what you have. So we all must learn the art of storing food with an extended shelf life and minimize food waste. There are some tips to help you keep your food fresh for an extended period of time.

Use premium wraps

Premium (plastic) wraps are extremely helpful in terms of preserving food. Plastic wraps are made of different materials and therefore, can be found in the variety of PVDC Cling film, PVC, or PE cling film. They were introduced in the mid-20th century and gained popularity due to their capabilities to preserve food.

However, if you want to choose the best amongst these, PVDC cling is considered as the most favorite. PVDC wraps help in keeping the food fresh for a longer period of time by preventing moisture and smells from seeping through. It is especially ideal for storing fruits, raw vegetables, sea food, poultry with no fear of oxidization or discoloration.

Store your vegetables and fruits separately

Each food type has its own properties. We are advised not to store fruit and vegetables together since some fruit send forth a gas called ethylene glycol when they hit maturity. This speeds up the ripening of the fruit and sometimes premature ripening of vegetables. Therefore, this can lead to the damage of the fruit and vegetables that are kept with it.

Get creative and experiment with your food

Most of us are watching cooking videos on YouTube as well as experimenting with new dishes, which may be also causing some amount of food wastage.

However, what we really need is to get creative and experiment with the leftover food. There are a lot of things that can be produced out of left-over food. For example, rice is an item that can be used in a variety of ways. If you had cooked plain white rice for lunch and had some extra, you can re-cook them again in the night by adding spices such as onions to it to create a different flavor.

Four reasons why you should avoid eating fast food right now

It can’t be denied that fast food has some certain appeals: it’s convenient, affordable, and it even tastes good in many cases. However, make no mistake, the small convenience of this food option is not worth the price you have to pay in terms of your health.

Here are four of the main reasons why you should avoid eating fast food as soon as possible.

1. It makes you gain weight

Eating fast food with high calories, fat, sodium, and sugar might be rewarding in the short-term. However, this can lead to unwanted weight gain down the road. Even choices disguised as healthy options such as salads also consists of add-ins like high-fat dressings, cheese, bacon, and more, which can cause your waist line.

2. Fast food is addictive

It is possible to become addicted to fast food, like with nicotine or drugs. The fatty, sugary, and salty ingredients can drive you to consume more and more due to causing full-fledged physical cravings. Therefore, don’t let those milkshakes and fries draw you back in. Cut off the potential for an addiction right now.

fast food

3. It doesn’t give you any nutrition

If you are using a lot of fast food for your daily diet, you may be leading yourself to a harmful vitamin deficiency. Most types of fast food, from fried chicken to white bread, don’t carry the essential fiber, healthy fats, and minerals that are needed to fuel your body. You just can get all of the empty calories that leave you weaker in the long run.

4. Depression and anxiety

Food can affect both your physical health and your mental health. When you eat too many carbs, such as the ones found in pizza, buns, and fries, the lack of essential ingredients for the functioning of brain might cause anxiety and depression.

Although here is the reality that fast food is quick, cheap, and somehow delicious, the rewards pale when compared to the potential consequences. Therefore, it is the wisest breakup of your life.

Foods Help Increase The Resistance Against Corona Virus

The following article will provide some simple and easy-to-follow tips to improve your resistance through proper nutrition.


The scientific name is Allium sativum Linn, a member of the onion family, native to Central Asia and cultivated in many temperate countries.

Garlic has a high use and biological value, which helps to increase the body’s heat. Since ancient times, people have known how to use garlic to increase endurance and prevent disease. The athletes of the Olympic era all ate garlic before the match, the Egyptian pyramid builders ate garlic daily to increase health.

One of the uses of garlic is to kill germs. Garlic is considered as an antibiotic and antibacterial. When you have a cold, bronchial asthma and pertussis, people often rub their breasts with crushed garlic.

Use a fresh clove of garlic to rub on the skin to treat eczema, hair fungus and warts that other methods do not heal. The ancients used to use garlic tincture to nasal drops or smelling crushed garlic also to cure the flu, sore throat, runny nose at the beginning. Garlic can also be used for more severe patients such as pneumonia, ear infections, and pneumonia.

In addition, garlic has the effect of stimulating and regulating body functions, such as regulating liver dysfunction (causing jaundice) and endocrine glands, hip pain, dizziness, abnormal hot and cold. . Garlic crushed juice (10 ml) to treat infectious fever, flu, headache.

Garlic has sulfur glucosid, a volatile oil compound of sulfur and nearly pure allyl sulfur, sulfur, two antibacterial active ingredients are alixin and garlixin. Alixin has the effect of inhibiting gram (+) and gram (-) (intestinal bacteria) and anti-fungal pathogens.

Garlic preparations including garlic sauce, garlic wine, garlic extract, garlic medicine for inhalation … can be used in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic to increase the body’s resistance.


Broccoli is rich in vitamins and minerals. Thus, you should add this vegetable into your menu.

Citrus fruits

Fruits like oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, lemons … are high in vitamin C, enhancing resistance. According to traditional medicine, grapefruit has a sweet and sour taste, the function of circulation of blood, laxative, rectum and spleen. Grapefruit contains flavanoids that help the body enhance blood vessel function and inflammation. The vitamin C in grapefruit juice can help heal wounds, reduce inflammation and limit the entry of viruses, bacteria (such as corona, E. coli, …) into the immune system.

Like grapefruit, oranges, tangerines have a sour taste, coolness, refreshing effect, cool lungs, expectorant. Many studies show that the vitamin C in citrus fruits can shorten the duration of a cold by one to 1.5 days, improve the dry cough, loss of voice, fever, etc. Vitamin C can be supplemented with a number of fruits and vegetables such as guava, papaya, spoon vegetables, cabbage, sprouts …

Squeeze lemon juice, squeeze lemon into the chest, rub into hands and feet to treat high fever, convulsions. Lime leaves get hot water to sweat to treat hot fever. Orange peel or grapefruit peel is good to treat sputum, poor digestion.

Simple tips to start an effective exercise session

After a long period of restless exercise or just starting out, surely any of us once felt tired and uninterested in our exercise session. So what suggestions will help you mentally start a good training session?

That sometimes greatly affects your psychology in the next exercise sessions, even making you feel “scared” every time it is time to exercise. So, to avoid these problems, what do we need to prepare to start a refreshing and energetic workout session? Let’s learn more in the following article.

  1. Let psychological comfort
    Before starting to practice, almost everyone wants their training to be effective, so they often set the goal of the training session to be heavy and practice a lot. This motivation is really good, but sometimes it makes them feel extremely pressured, especially when you are tired or stressed during a workday.

So create a comfortable mentality and don’t put pressure on the start of the training, think simply that practicing is a time to help us relax, relieve stress after a day of study or work. tired . In addition, setting the goal of “breathing easy” but still training full size will make you feel a lot more excited, do not believe you try, you will be surprised!

2. Eat before exercising
A healthy pre-workout meal is good for your exercise session!
This is extremely important, for both people who need to gain weight and those who are losing weight. Why? Because the energy you put into your body, in addition to helping to increase exercise performance, more durable, it also helps you feel excited and energetic to start a training session. If you need to gain weight, eat a little more, if you are losing weight, you should also snack to have a good workout, which helps you lose weight and firm more effectively than fasting and start training with A sluggish body leads to less exercise. Note do not eat close to the movement time but should be earlier from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the amount of food loaded or less.

3. Start gently before doing the main exercise
Starting 5 minutes before every training helps the muscles, bones, joints work effectively

A lot of friends often practice this step skip, or those who have little practice time often “enlist” should not appreciate the warm up before training. But take between 5-10 minutes to do stretching exercises and light exercises first, or just 3 minutes will be effective enough. In addition to avoiding and minimizing injuries, the startup also helps us more flexible, avoid muscle tension, especially make us more excited to be able to start an effective training session! So don’t skip this step.

4. Walking
This is also a very effective starter for joint muscles if you do not like the warm up in place. 5 to 10 minutes of walking will help your body heat up and get used to exercise, it will also help you feel more comfortable after a stressful working day.

5. Set goals for the training session
Imagine what we are going to do today and set a goal for the session, so it’s best to record them. Doing so will help us to avoid lazy days that do not want to practice, the “windy days” naturally feel tired of no reason (This is very common, you just notice). In addition, setting goals will help us try harder, more energetic during practice and feel extremely satisfied when accomplishing that goal.

Foods For A Healthy Heart

Not only delicious, the following dishes are extremely good for your health, especially your heart.

Not only does surrendering to foods cure cardiovascular disease, oatmeal also helps to maintain a healthy weight. Oatmeal contains a lot of omega-3, folate acid, potassium, fiber which helps to reduce LDL concentration and helps blood vessels to be opened. Choose crushed or cut oats that are richer in fiber than processed oats. You can eat it with bananas as well.

If you drink alcohol, a little red wine might be a good choice. Resveratrol and catechin are two antioxidants in red wine that may help protect blood vessel walls. Alcohol can also increase HDL, good cholesterol.

The top foods for heart health are those rich in omega-3 EPA and DHA from salmon. Omega-3 may reduce the risk of arrhythmia and lower blood pressure. Salmon is able to lower our blood triglycerides as well as curb inflammation. To keep the nutrition in fish, you should grill the fish with herbs and vegetables.

Tuna is an omega-3 rich food, and it usually costs less than salmon. White tuna is more omega-3 than other tuna varieties. You can bake tuna with dill and lemon.

Eating a few walnuts every day can lower your cholesterol and inflammation in your heart arteries. Walnuts are packed with omega-3, monounsaturated fat and fiber.

Almonds are rich in plant sterols, fiber, and heart-healthy fats. Almonds may help lower LDL cholesterol. You can eat almond toast.

Soybeans are a delicious appetizer at Japanese restaurants. They are packed with soy protein, which can help lower blood triglycerides. Half a cup of soy milk also has 9 grams of fiber, which reduces cholesterol equivalent to four slices of bread.

Tofu is rich in vegetarian soy protein with minerals, fiber, and unsaturated fats. You can prepare tofu, marinate, then bake or sauté on oil. Add tofu to soups for protein-rich dishes without added fat.

Carrots can help control blood sugar and make diabetes less likely. They can also help your cholesterol levels because they are a good source of soluble fiber.